Welcome to the Suggested Codes page!Edit

Welcome to the Suggested Codes page! Here, you can place any code that makes something in this mod functional, and I will check this page every once in a while to see if there are codes on this page. If there are, I test it. Please put a heading over the code and in the heading say what the code is for, for example: Lava Sword Code. Once I test it, if it works, I put it in the mod. I will then lock that code into the page. If it doesn't work, I will just remove it from the page. I will be coding myself too. Before making a suggested code, go to the page of the item or npc you will code and see what it is supposed to do. Then, if it works, it will make the mod come out much faster. You do not need to make skins or textures for the items in the mod that are coming in v1.0. You may make a texture for something like the Armor, Hoes, Flint Sword, and Lava Ogre God which are upcoming in later versions. Please only post your codes below the line. Above the line, it should say "You may post any codes below this line." Thank you to all the people who help make this mod functional.

You may post any codes below this line.

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