Minecraft Extreme Updates

Minecraft Extreme is not yet released, but we can show the first version.

V1.0: Mod is released, 4 friendly mobs, 6 hostile mobs, emerald and lava tools and ores. Obsidian tools are also obtainable in mod. These will be released with the mod.


1. Farmer

2. Lumberjack

3. Knight (Fights hostiles)

4. Miner


1. Orc

2. Red-Eyed Default Skin

3. Red-Eyed Pigman (Lumberjack Pigman with red eyes)

4. Obsidian Creeper

5. Camoflage guy (Grass head and diamond legs)

6. Guy in creeper suit smoking

Any suggestions for later versions can be added in the comments section.

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