1.1 Sneak Peak: Armor and Hoes1.2 Sneak Peak: The Flint Sword2.0 Sneak Peak: The Lava Ogre God
Camoflage GuyCooked CrabCrab Trap
Emerald AxeEmerald GemEmerald Ore
Emerald PickaxeEmerald ShovelEmerald Sword
FarmerKnightLava Axe
Lava IngotLava OreLava Pickaxe
Lava ShovelLava SwordLumberjack
Minecraft Extreme UpdatesMinecraft Extreme WikiMiner
Mod ToolsObsidian AxeObsidian Creeper
Obsidian IngotObsidian PickaxeObsidian Shovel
Obsidian SwordOrcRaw Crab
Red-Eyed MonsterRed-Eyed PigmanSmoking Guy in a Creeper Suit
Suggested CodesTnt sword
File:2011-06-05 14.26.12.pngFile:2011-06-05 18.13.03.pngFile:2011-06-06 07.56.59.png
File:2011-06-06 16.54.32.pngFile:2011-06-06 16.55.02.pngFile:2011-06-06 17.15.03.png
File:2011-06-06 17.16.10.pngFile:2011-06-06 17.18.49.pngFile:2011-06-06 17.37.26.png
File:2011-06-06 17.37.47.pngFile:2011-06-06 17.38.16.pngFile:2011-06-06 17.38.30.png
File:2011-06-06 17.38.48.pngFile:2011-06-06 17.39.07.pngFile:2011-06-06 17.39.23.png
File:2011-06-06 17.40.20.pngFile:2011-06-06 17.40.33.pngFile:2011-06-06 17.40.46.png
File:2011-06-06 17.40.58.pngFile:2011-06-06 17.41.31.pngFile:AdamantiumLeggingsRecipe.png
File:Aether 1 A Fantástica Queda =O - MinecraftFile:Aether 2 O Olho das Trevas =X - MinecraftFile:Aether 3 O Martelo de Notch - Minecraft
File:Aetherslime.pngFile:Another view from the top.jpgFile:Armor 1.png
File:Armor 2.pngFile:Armor 4.pngFile:Blacksmith.png
File:COMO CHEGAR NA LUA?! - MinecraftFile:Char8.pngFile:Chucknorris.png
File:Concorrente para Minecraft =O - BlockScapeFile:Cool blue creeper now much cooler.pngFile:Cooltext940344210.gif
File:Cyborg creeper.pngFile:Example.jpgFile:Forum new.gif
File:MINECRAFT Jaguatiricas me Amam - Legendary Beasts 1File:Minecraft.jpgFile:Minecraft Aether 4 Armadura do PODER XD
File:Minecraft de Parkour com Gráficos Incríveis! - QbehFile:Q6VT3 - Imgur.pngFile:Skin 20120812153451120924.png
File:Tavern first floor.pngFile:The-iPod.png

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