The Flint Sword is a sword that is crafted with a stick on the bottom row in the middle, any resource (wood, stone, iron, diamond, obsidian, emerald, or lava) in the middle row in the middle and flint and steel at the top row in the middle. The Flint Sword will cause normal damage depending on resource in middle of the sword that resource would make + fire damage. This is best used for enemies that are highly damaged by fire. There will be a picture added in v1.2. The Flint Sword will effect enemies that are damaged by fire. Some enemies (ex: The Lava Ogre God, v2.0) will be healed by the fire. Never use this sword on that enemy.

Damage: Below

Gold: 5 (2.5 Hearts plus fire damage)

Wood: 5 (2.5 Hearts plus fire damage)

Stone: 7 (3.5 Hearts plus fire damage)

Iron: 9 (4.5 Hearts plus fire damage)

Diamond: 11 (5.5 Hearts)

Obsidian: 15 (7.5 Hearts)

Emerald: 18 (9 Hearts)

Lava: 20 (10 Hearts)

Uses: Depends on material 33-5050

Special Ability: The Flint Sword has a special ability. The Flint Sword will deal normal damage and then the enemy attacked will instantly burn. This has no effect on enemies immune to fire (Zombie Pigmen and Ghasts). But enemies like the Lava Ogre God will be healed by this ability.